The best way to enjoy delicious homemade food with your colleagues in your office lunch break!

Time-saving, Healthy and Delicious!

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Saves you time

Your colleagues deliver your lunch directly to your workplace. That saves you time for anything, like flights to the moon...

Your piggy bank likes

Because you can feed it with money you save from daily restaurant visits!

Makes you smile

Tasty meals give you the power to make it through the rest of the day!

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Get a homemade lunch every day

cuukee gives you the possibility to order lunches from your colleagues they anyway cook for themselves and have the capacity to nicely make some more portions. It works just like ordering a meal from a delivery service. This always gives you the full choice what lunch you get from whom on which day.

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Cook by yourself and share your lunch with your colleagues

When you're in the mood to cook, you can offer your tasty creations to your colleagues for the office lunch. You're in full control here - you can choose how much portions you can offer at max so that your pots still fit and until when your colleagues can order.

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You have the choice

cuukee is made for your company. You can choose every day whether you want to order food or you prefer to cook by yourself. The more teammates join, the bigger the variety of meals - and the more fun!

Hint for those of us doing Meal Prep already: With cuukee you can do Meal Prep together with your colleagues and share your meals - because together, it's always more fun. Enjoy your meal!

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